Pars Picture is a cultural institution trying to present the different aspects of Iranian culture and social interactions with the help of films and photos. Documentary films, fiction films as well as art and social pictures are part of the institution’s services.

Pars picture will attempt to depict elements of Iranian worldviews, its “national character and psyche,” it’s cultural, and social heritage, and the conditioning which Iranians and others deem to influence Iran’s interaction with the outside world. The building blocks for such a picture are the beliefs, mores, communication conventions, social behavior, and interaction that the well acculturated and socialized Iranian would perceive as “Iranian,” whereas other, contrasting behavior patterns would be seen by most compatriots as “foreign” and “non-Iranian.” This is not to say that all of the elements perceived as Iranian are necessarily seen by all Iranians as proper, acceptable, or commendable methods of dealing with others. As in every cultural community with a degree of self-critique, cultural traits may be seen in different circles of the society as typical, but either positive or unbecoming. These traits are referred to here both in the context of the behavior of Iranian society as a whole and of the individual Iranian when taking part in result-oriented communication: bargaining and negotiation. The detailed description of self-images, social and religious norms and mores, and cultural and mythological icons are meant to provide as comprehensive as possible a picture of culture-dependent characteristics of Iranian negotiation and bargaining norms.