Against a unwritten rule (Work in progress)

Following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran witnessed Mullahs seize power. As such, Islamic rulings were integrated into the lifestyle of Iranians – some as laws and others as unwritten rules. An example of the latter is a motorcycle ban on women; although there is no law against women riding motorcycles, the police still do not issue motorcycle licenses to women.

Baran Hadizadeh, a 30-year-old woman, is a highly skilled motorcyclist in Iran whose dream is to be able to drive around the streets of Tehran, but due to the aforementioned circumstances, her terrain is limited to the mountains. In response, she chooses to protest and complain against the police in court for not issuing her a motorcycle license. This documentary, therefore, follows Baran’s life, with particular focus on her complaint process in court.


Death and the Judge in North America


Death and the Judge screened in 26 cinemas in North America. In 52th of Docunight which was dedicated to Death and the Judge, this film was screened in LA, Washington, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Minneapolis, Durham, Albany, Irvine, Eugene, Pittsburgh, State College, Bloomington, Ann Arbor, Calgary, Waterloo. Hamilton, Charlotte in the first days of Dec 2018.

Tehran Auction

The first of its kind in Iran, Tehran Auction was launched in 2012 as an independent and private initiative to introduce the best of Iranian art ranging from established and emerging Iranian artists to Iranian art collectors and global audience. Pars Picture has made the promotional videos for Tehran Auction during these years. It has produced eight films for Tehran Auction.